Izakaya Style Japanese Restaurant

319 Queen Street, Auckland (09) 379 5353

Covid-19 Update:

Irasshaemase! The Tanuki team is 100% vaccinated. We ask that you help us fulfill our obligations with MoH requirements so that we may operate safely.

  • Have your ‘My Vaccine Pass’ ready for us at the door. We are only using our front door (Queen Street entrance) at the moment

  • Scan in with the Covid tracer app at our front door.


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A “Tanuki” is a cheeky badger who is always drinking sake and having a good time! Tanuki Japanese Restaurant was first established in 1994 and was the first Izakaya style Japanese restaurant in New Zealand. Over 25 years later it is still serving it’s fresh and authentic Japanese dishes.

Izakaya food is best shared, preferably with a cold Japanese beer or with a smooth sake. If you would like to make a reservation for tonight and it is after 5pm, please call on (09) 379 5353.